• FGD
  • IDI
  • UI/UX
  • Recruiting Only
  • Design Screener / Discussion Guide Only
  • Employee Survey
  • Pre-Task / Online Dairies

Emphasis on interactive with the respondents. Moderator’s professional market research experience.Assist the respondents to dive deeper into the topic client & researcher can observe respondents’ direct reaction.
Healthcare (Physician / Patient / Caregiver / Patient groups)
AI / Robot / Technology
Internet Software
Financial / Investment
FMCG / Luxury Goods
Brand Positioning
Pets / Games

Quantitative Research

  • Mystery Shopper Survey
  • Store Check
  • Community Interview
  • CLT
  • Street Intercept
  • Tel Interview
  • Product Placement
  • Online Survey
  • Design Screener / Questionnaire Only

Effectively collecting of consumer data and integrating questionnaires to provide most accurate research data for clients. AMR adheres to high quality work and has carefully chosen partners throughout Taiwan.

Business location research

  • One of the most important factors to success is choosing the right store location for your business
  • The first step for opening a store is to choose a suitable location. Without a clear knowledge, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. AMR business location research team helps the clients understand the specifics of the selected business location and the market consumption scale of the area, as well as the consumer spending habits.