【 Mobile game player research 】

A well-known game company conducted FGD in order to understand
the Taiwanese market, its preferences on game content, advertising,
as well as design elements to make the game more attractive to players. Feedbacks from players in the discussions
helped top the game's download rankings in Taiwan.

【 Healthcare Product Research 】

AMR has been conducting medical market researches since 2001.
We are experienced at interviewing a wide range of participants.
Our trained team is assist clients in understanding their Target User: physician, pharmacists, nurses, patients, patient groups and consumers.
Whether interviews take place online,on the phone,or in person,
our interview participants feel encouraged to share their stories and insights. We tailor our marketing strategies according to the needs of
the TA group.

【 Website/Search Engine/APP User Research 】

AMR was commissioned to conduct Netizen Forum (FGD) and In-depth Interview (IDI), on user experience research (UI/UX), in order to understand consumer's online shopping and APP usage habits. When acted accordingly to the suggestion of the case report, the APP layout is optimized to meet the needs of online consumers and improve the consumption frequency, consistency, retention and efficiency of the platform. The improvement became the best bargaining chip
to negotiate with advertisers while meeting user's needs.

【 Credit Card Product Research 】

AMR worked with banking institution on a FGD to find the best solutions to reduce the proportion of delinquent credit card accounts, as well as putting proper policies in place to improve customer satisfaction. One of the highlights of FGD suggestions, which the company has chosen to adopt, was the payment installment model. This payment installment model has become one of the trends in the financial world today.

【 Coffee Brand Research 】

We use FGD to understand the taste preferences of coffee among a specific consumer group. Discussing taste performance in depth with consumers and provide suggestions for developing new products.

【 Automobile Marketing Research 】

AMR conducted a study on various series of automobiles and their interior functions. We interviewed a group of brand enthusiasts to share their insight on the particular models. The case report helped reshape brand image, provided tips on functional improvements on the product itself and achieved higher annual sales.