Jennifer Lin, General Manager, Moderator

  • Graduated from Shih Hsin University in 1993
  • Worked in international market research company for over ten years
  • Founded “Asia Marketing Research Company” in 2001
  • 20+ years of marketing research experience
  • Excellent track record in executing market research projects in various specialties
  • In depth, detailed and friendly service
  • Advise domestic and international businesses in
    innovating their products & services

  • ❤️ We are passionate in market research for nearly 30 years!

    "1997" In medical field,
    Jennifer was responsible for carrying out the experimental research
    on a Taiwanese aphrodisiac product trial.
    The success in the retention test verified the later world-famous "sexual revolution drug"

    In the Gaming Industry, AMR assist client continue to understand
    Gaming preferences of " players/ lapsed players /potential players"
    through Focus group discussions, we provide Player Feedback and suggestions
    to making a hit game 🔥 !

  • Healthcare
  • AI / Robot / Technology
  • Internet Software
  • Financial / Investment
  • FMCG / Luxury Goods
  • Brand Positioning
  • Pets / Games

  • Jennifer憑藉30年豐富市調專業經驗,以及對質化研究的精心鑽研