Professional Network Equipment

Real-time, high-quality audio & visual set up

Clients can watch the FGD/IDI

Discussions in any time zone

Zoom / TEAMS meetings and remote video Polycom

Save time and cost on business travels

Help companies make informed decisions faster


Q1. What is the recording equipment of the Meeting Room?

AMR uses Polycom, captures the panorama view of the meeting
Zoom in / Zoom out capabilities
Unique voice technology, auto framing and speaker tracking
External whiteboard camera lens used to achieve different shooting angles

Q2. How to watch live discussions simultaneously?

Video briefing
Screen-sharing technology
(Use Viewing Room/ ZOOM/TEAMS virtual meetings)

Q3.Viewing Room size?

High-ceiling, comfortable space for up to 11 people.

Q4.Is there a facility rental service?

Welcome to contact us for facility rental information.