Established in early summer, 2001 by Jennifer Lin

AMR Group offers a variety of
marketing and market research services
Our company is experienced in rebranding many well-known brands,
repositioning their products to serve the needs
of the consumers
Thanks to clients
Thanks to respondents
Thanks to staffs & interns
Celebrating our 20th anniversary
AMR has worked with many well-known enterprises,
on back-end marketing for customer segmentation (TA) Innovation is AMR's specialty
Quality work is our promise

AMR - Enterprise Doctor

We conduct detailed interviews
to make appropriate marketing suggestions
and gather the follow-up communications TA
to guide and provide our clients with
consumer-centered branding strategy

  • Focus group discussions (FGD)
  • Mystery shopper program
  • B2B In-Depth Interview (IDI)
  • User Platform Layout Optimization (UX)
  • Healthcare Research

Big Data digital marketing

Businesses have their own consumer data,
but they may not be able to interpret the reasons
for reduced usage or dropped services from the data alone
advises our clients on proper research methods
to win the hearts and minds of the consumers

Pet Business observer

At AMR, we are pet owners and pet lovers
we hope to extend our love for pets to helping
our clients grow their business in the pet industry